Tree King Tree Services Inc, Our Story:

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To Provide High Quality Tree Service and snow removal, in the Columbus Ohio area, at an affordable price and from a Company you can Trust and has been around for over 30 years!

our Story

While many companies begin with a sound business plan and strong financial backing, ours started with a chainsaw and lots of determination. When a neighbor of company founder, George Peterson, explained how much he was going to spend on having his trees trimmed George was quick to tell his neighbor that he could do it for significantly less. George was awarded the job, his first of thousands to come.

That first job back in 1979 proved to be a life changing experience. After being referred to others for tree trimming George found that he could provide for his family by offering premium customer service at a fair price. Before long, his services were in high demand and Tree King Tree Services was born. We don’t intend to be misleading and have you think that it has always been “easy cutting”, especially in those early days. However, with his drive for excellence, George was able to take the company from a one man shop to a multiple crew operation. 

Today George has taken a step back, however that commitment to deliver a premium service is stronger than ever. George’s determination spawned a strong company that has been serving our customers for over 30 years; and it’s that genuine dedication that will keep us around for  another 30.

Our Mission

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